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Honeymoon in Crete
5 Jan

Honeymoon in Crete

We all agree that a very important decision for a  -just- married couple is the destination for their honeymoon. Lately, many people are choosing Greece as their dream destination on that, traveling around Greece, spending one or two days per Greek island. But, what if the married couple was about to just have their honeymoon in Crete?


Lets, once more, agree that Santorini is a spectacular place, so romantic, that very few people are not impressed with what this island offers. Honeymooners are obsessed thinking about the sunsets and Caldera and even more. Mykonos, again, a very (very) nice place to spend some more time and why not some time in Crete. 


If you are asking me, it would be nice to spend 3 days in Santorini, maybe 2 in Naxos or a different island in Cyclades and then spend 5 days in Crete. However, the best decision you could take is to spend a week (or even more) in Crete. 

Elafonisi, Balos, Samaria gorge, Loutro, Falasarna, Seitan Limania, Knosos are just a few places that you could visit while on your honeymoon in Crete!

Let’s look at the reasons now….


The food? We really doubt that you have tasted anything similar anywhere in Europe or North America.

The amazing Dakos (keep in mind that there are many very fun cooking classes in Crete)


The sunset views and the colors? Just have a drink at the Venetian Port or at the Raw Bar (Domes Noruz Hotel, Agioi Apostoloi) and then you could tell me if Santorini is better than that.

Chania Venetian Harbor (amazing private sunset tours from the port to Thodorou island)


Also, choose to spend two days at Loutro (the best exodus for locals in the summer)


The mountains? Crete, even has that…

Lefka Ori


The amazing water colours? Elafonisi and Balos are ranked among the best beaches in the world!

Elafonisi Beach


The nature? Samaria Gorge is one of the top reasons to visit Crete.


Crete has everything and you will not regret having your honeymoon in this spectacular place. 

If you are about to regret, blame Christos (me)!

Crete and especially Chania have everything you might need for your honeymoon and we could help you create a perfect schedule for this special occasion!

Greece at its best!