About us

Who am I

I am Christos, the founder of Blessed Greece, and I live in the beautiful island of Crete! 

After my management studies in the American college of Greece, I have decided that I wanted to return to this beautiful island and continue my life in the industry and land that I adore. You may say that I was born for this field, as I used to love it since I was a kid.

From a very young age I used to spend my summers with the people who were visiting the spectacular island of Crete. -This has happened, mostly, due to the fact that my very close relatives were among the first to build villas on the island-. 

Later , after working for travel agencies, villas and luxury hotels, I decided to create my own travel agency and let people see the country and especially the island of Crete, through my eyes. This is why most of the tours in Chania, are made and offered by Blessed Greece.

To conclude, Blessed Greece is a travel agency that is promising that you will have the time of your life in Crete and the rest of the country!

What we do

Blessed Greece is a new brand in the hospitality industry and a great tool for those that want to plan ahead their stay in this beautiful Mediteranean country. Most importanty, Blessed Greece is offering amazing alternative tours in Chania. 

Offering our tours and services in Crete, we are here for guests and partners. As a travel agency, Blessed Greece is offering even more around the country. Guests could book activities, choose specific services or use Blessed Greece as an amazing personal advisor for a complete tailor made package. 

We have selected very special activities, from very special people that we trust. It is not just a random selection of activities, or hotels, around Greece, but a carefully selected set of partners that could treat you like a friend and a person who deserves their respect. 

Our Values

We treat a traveler, as a very respected person, for choosing to spend their precious time and money in our country. We will offer our best services, giving you the chance to see and feel the local values, ethics and hospitality.

It’s Time For a New Adventure! Don’t Wait Any Longer. Contact us!